Build a Profitable & Sustainable Business with Discipline Growth and Diverted Portfolio with our Business Partners to be Oil & Gas Services Company of “Choice” in the North Africa Region Capturing a Higher Market Share by realizing market trends & Customer Developments

We work close with our customers and, as a result, we provide them with quality and innovative Solutions. Through these relationships we give our affiliates a strong foundation for regional growth and market expansion, and create value for our customers, suppliers and our company’s stakeholders.

Through high quality and efficient comprehensive services, we aim to be the preferred strategic partner for our customers and international companies in Egypt and Middle East markets.

We help you to build and maintain a more profitable well. Using exclusive Well-construction technologies and
flawless service execution, we set the Stage for life-of-well integrity and prolific production. Then we unleash the Full
potential of your assets with integrated intervention and production-Optimization solutions.

PetroNebra Oilfield Services is established to provide a broad range of Services and products to North Africa oil
industry through there eminent Steady principles and affiliate companies

Founded 2016

Multi line services for oil and gas field

Serve North Africa Region with headquarter in Cairo, Egypt. With extensive experience and business network
contacts; regionally and

Locally, PetroNebra is committed to share the success with their customers by Providing quality products and
services. The synergy between knowledge, Experience and qualified team members will result in high quality
Performance That will meet or exceed customers’ standards and expectations.

PetroNebra strives to excel and become the customer’s preferred supplier by Providing engineered solutions that fit
their needs in a cost efficient way. Our Objective is to perform high quality work in a safe manner.

We are leading company in this field, We provide is specific solutions for our every customers.

PetroNebra is dedicated to providing products that lead the oil And gas industry with safety and the environment in mind, while operating our business for the benefit and well being of the general public, countries Where we work, our employees and customers. To sustain this commitment, PetroNebra manages HSE under a Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System (HSE MS) model.

15+ years of experiences for give you better results

Multi line services for oil and gas field for North Africa Region with headquarter in Cairo, Egypt. Extensive experience and business network contacts regionally and locally.